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Huh [26 Aug 2010|09:21pm]
 Hello Livejournal o/

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Oooh [07 Feb 2008|03:20pm]
Haven't updated in 136 weeks apparently. How sad.
Almost tempted to start updating again. But probably won't. Oh well.

LJ looks... different. D:

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Happy Galactic Towel Day! [30 Apr 2005|09:43pm]
I just thought I'd stop by and wish everybody a Happy Galactic Towel Day!

And, seeing as I have no plans on starting updating again any time soon, I'll wish everybody on my friends list a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year too~

Cye cye people~

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As always, everything balances out [22 Jul 2004|02:51am]
Heya everyone~
Not too much to go over at the moment. Just enjoying life, in my usual way~

I've now been to both of my classes I'll be having this semester.
Networking, as I mentioned, looked like it's going to be a very enjoyable and interesting class. Traits which I'm afraid probably will not be inherited by my other class.

Software Project Organization and Management is not the sort of class I'd normally choose to take. It's purpose should be fairly clear from its name, but just in case it isn't, here's a brief description.
SSD10 (The course's official, and much easier to type name) deals with, for the most part, other people. Every other single subject I've taken under this scholarship has dealt with computers and the programming of them, so it's somewhat different from all others.
Generally, the subject prepares us for a management role, where we are taking care of other people. I have never had a proper job, nor have I had any interests that involve some sort of manager, so before taking on this subject, the role of a manager was pretty foreign to me, and I imagine I'm worse off for it.
And because of that, I'm sure I'm going to have to put a lot more effort into this subject, more so than I have done with any other subject so far.

That said, we're having some sort of 'tutorial' tomorrow, we're we are supposed to be able to discuss a couple of subjects. So far, I've hardly looked at the course notes for this subject, and I don't have access to the subjects we will be discussing either.
I need to work on this effort thing. :)

And, on a complete subject change, I added more interests to my profile, this time stolen from all you lucky people on my friends list. It often surprises me the sorts of things that I manage to forget, while looking through the interests of others.

And now, just because I'm bored, an Eevee I attempted to draw.



Edit: And I have no idea how to use ljcut. :/
Oh well. Anybody here have a problem with a 15.6 KB image anyways? ;D

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Whee [20 Jul 2004|02:13am]
Hey, am I updating? Certainly seems so.
Well, most important thing was that my school term has started back up again. Coulda used a bit more holidays, but no matter. There'll be enough free time at the end of the year.. To job hunt, and stuff. x.x;

Anyways, today I had Networking, which actually looks like it'll be the coolest of the subjects I've done so far.
The first assignment involves creating a HTTP web server, which is probably the first assignment we've done that has a real world use. So doing that should be interesting.

Anyways, I haven't really been up to that much. I have a couple of little programming projects going on, but nothing worth talking about, and I'm still trying to draw... I suppose the thing which has mostly been taking over my time is reading. ^^;

Last book I talked about was New Spring, was it? Wow, that seems like ages ago, now. x.x;
Since then, I've mostly been reading other fantasy novels. Most notably, there's the Harry Potter series, the Dark Tower series, and the Old Kingdom Trilogy (by Garth Nix).
They're all fairly cool. In fact, Harry Potter, and the Old Kingdom Trilogy are the first series of books I've actually gone about reading twice. I just finished Sabriel, so am on to Lirael and then Abhorsen, at which point I suppose I'll go back to where I was at in the Harry Potter series. I was reading that earlier, but everybody else in the family went on a holiday a week or so ago, and took the Harry Potter books with them. ^^;

I've still got another Dark Tower book to read, and another one being released sooner or later, but my library doesn't have it, and they cost too much. :(
In some ways I can't wait till get a proper job.. Money! :D

I've actually been thinking about that sort of stuff lately. Getting a job, that is.
I was thinking about going to uni too, but then I realized that a Uni course actually covers all the stuff that I've done with the Carnegie Scholarship, and not really that much more. The only thing a uni course would really help with is that they tend to have a better reputation.

So yeah. It'll be either get a job, or find a different Uni course to do. Some sort of Maths or Physics would be interesting, but I'm not even sure what kind of job those would score me.

Anyways, I best be off now. I've got to be up for school in six hours, so I best get as much sleep as a can. x.x;
Eventually I hope to be writing these entries over the course of several days.. But that's not going to happen now.

Cye cye people!

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Long time no entry~ [15 Jul 2004|11:30pm]
Ok. So it's been ages since I've updated here, and I get the feeling that this won't be a proper update either. Really just a step in the right direction, I suppose.

Anyways, life has been good, I suppose. I'm on my holiday break, which is nice. The last couple of weeks of school were really stressful, because I had no idea wether I would pass or not. I ended up doing fairly well though. Now I just have one more semester, and I'll be finished with TAFE. Can't say I'm too sure what I'll be doing then though.

Anyways, I'll update again tomorrow, or not too long after. I've been doing heaps in my four+ month break, so I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something. :)
As for now, I think I'll redo my LJ interests by scratch.

Badger badger badger.

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Yaaay [06 Mar 2004|07:28pm]
Wow. I haven't posted here since last week... And to think that only three weeks ago I could honestly say that I had updated every day for a long enough time. Quite a change.

Oh well. I guess it's the fault of PP and website creation. I'll probably make a personal website soon enough too, which will pretty much replace this journal. Would be nice if I could alter the LJ client so that it sends updates to both the website and the journal... Actually, I might try doing that now...

And, in other news, I got the book "New Spring" (Robert Jordan) a couple of days ago, finally. ^_^

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[29 Feb 2004|11:25pm]
I spent pretty much the whole day working on the website for my friends comic.
I don't know why I find that sort of thing fun, but I do.
Still needs a lot of work though, so I imagine that I'll still be doing it tomorrow. x.x;

But, I'm also playing Fire Emblem (for the Gameboy Advance). That's a pretty cool game. :D

So cool, that I think I'll play it now.

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Wheel! [27 Feb 2004|11:59pm]
Heya people!

Nothing to really talk about again... Just lots and lots of boringness. Haven't even gotten anything done on PP for the last couple of days... Though I'm going to try to get a brief summary of the prequal before I go to bed.

Hmm. I have my work cut out for me.

In other news, I am considering switching to a "friends only" journal. I've said too many things about too many people here. x.x;
Seeing as anybody can sign up for lj now, there's not much reason not to.


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yaaay [25 Feb 2004|11:23pm]
Today was best described as boring, and I have little desire to go into it in any great depth.

Most I got done was another four strips written for PP.

Bye bye people~

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Wowzers! [23 Feb 2004|12:02am]
I've almost got the first strip of PP done. ^^
It's turning out somewhat better than I had expected it too.

Who knows, a month from now, it might actually have a story.
Ah nuts. And I just missed the cut off time again. >.>
This PP stuff is bad for my journal.

Oh well. Have fun people!

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yaaay [20 Feb 2004|11:03pm]
I woke up somewhat late today, and missed the first half hour of school..

No matter. It was all boring stuff. Nothing that I didn't know, really.

Anyways, I've been in an untalkative, unproductive mood today.. I haven't really done much for PP either. :/
Oh well. Maybe I will get some done now...

Cye cye!

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Aaah! [19 Feb 2004|11:59pm]
I'm tired. X_x

Boring day.. Just school and PP.. Again..

Have fun!
-Gabi (Updating at last minute)

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Oops. [18 Feb 2004|12:49am]
Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I didn't create an update. ;_;
That is just a tiny bit annoying.

But yeah, I guess it was coming. I update with less and less these days.. Though recently it's because of Pixel Pirates. I'm quite enjoying the way it's turning out. :D
If GALL was working at the moment, maybe I'd put the image I've been working on for the last couple of days up. Oh well. Maybe I'll put one of the characters I've been working on. Probably Kari, seeing as she is by far my favourate so far.

Ok, Kari's up. It looks kinda weird out of context, I guess... It's been flipped horizontally too, as I figured it'd look better on friend's pages that way.

And for anybody that has suddenly become confused, I am indeed a guy.

Anyways, that'll be all for the time being.
Have fun, people!

-Captain Gabi


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Yaaay~ [16 Feb 2004|11:27pm]
I spent 11 hours today working on pixel art.

Say hello to my new obsession~ :D


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Argh [15 Feb 2004|11:41pm]
Still too hot. x.x;

Spent the day helping my brother with FFX, watching Chobits, and working on Pixel Pirates.

And that's all. Talking to Ashy at the moment... Just finished of a convo with Pete.
Um.. Yeah.

That's all~

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Gotta love random projects! [14 Feb 2004|11:48pm]

That's the Projects me and Pete have going, at the moment, minus a few.
I'm pretty much obsessed with Pixel Pirates at the moment. I'm quite obsessed with Pixel Pirates at the moment, and (shock horror) I've even started drawing the characters. Though I think I mentioned that yesterday.

I also borrowed out a couple of books about Pirates, for reference and the such, though I'm not sure how useful the ones I did choose are.
I also borrowed out someone's version of Treasure Island. That's proving to be an interesting story in itself, which is a cool thing. The current story for Pixel Pirates kinda resembles that of Treasure Island (A youngish boy goes out to see with a heap of pirates), though the execution of it is quite different.
Especially with the addition of Magic Pixels. heheh

Anyways, that's my update for today. Have fun people!

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Meow. [13 Feb 2004|11:56pm]
I'm currently drawing pixel pirates.
It's very fun. :D

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Yay for life! [12 Feb 2004|03:53am]
One of the problems with me deciding I want to be a comic-strip writer is that I can only write stuff when I have a feeling of inspiration.

While in this feeling of inspiration, I must write, or I will never get anything else done. Even if I should be sleeping.

As it is, it is 3:53AM, and I can't get to sleep for that very reason.

Brains are evil.

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Whee! [11 Feb 2004|11:30pm]
Got Chobits and Haibane Renmei today! :D

HB was cool. Only problem is that it's only 75 minutes.. Plus there's only three episodes to go, and but there's no sign that it's going to end.

Chobits, on the other hand, was pretty cool too. Some very sad moments.. I'm not used to getting emotional over cartoons.

Anyways, that's all. Bye bye people!

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